Dragon Age 2: Developer Console

The Dragon Age 2 developer console is only available on the PC version of Dragon Age 2, but if you're looking for the unlimited gold and XP cheat for the Xbox and Playstation 3, head over to the Find and Return quests page. If you're looking for cheat codes you've come to the right place. The Dragon Age 2 console will allow you to use codes to cheat and do a variety of interesting things like add gold, heal your entire party or kill all the enemies on the screen.

Save First

The console is capable of completely messing up your current game, so it's a good idea to save before using it and frequently during the process of using it. Once you've done that, exit the game and proceed to the next section to create a shortcut and enable the developer console.

Create a new Dragon Age 2 Shortcut for the Developer Console

Open Windows Explorer, you can do this by clicking the "Computer" shortcut in the Start menu. Go into your C: drive, then Program Files, Dragon Age II and find the "DragonAge2.exe" file. Right-click it and click "Create shortcut" to create a new shortcut in the same folder.

Drag the shortcut to the desktop. Right-click the shortcut and find the "Target" field in the Properties tab. Press space and add -enabledeveloperconsole to the end of the text in the field. Make sure to include the space and dash.

Enable the Developer Console

Now open your "My Documents" folder. Go into Bioware->Dragon Age II->Settings and find the "KeyBindings.ini" file. Open the file using Notepad or another plain text editor. Find the "OpenConsole_0" line and change it to this: OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_F10

Save the file and close Notepad. When you're in Dragon Age 2 you can activate the console by pressing F10 on your keyboard. Then type in the code, which you won't see as you're typing by the way, and press "Enter." When you're done entering codes press F10 again to deactivate the console.

Entering Console Codes

Console codes consist of scripts. So you run a console code by typing runscript scriptname value. Where "scriptname" is the name of the script and "value" is passed to the script. Not all scripts take values, I'll note which do in the list. For example, to add 20 gold, you use the script that adds coppers by typing runscript addmoney 200000. Or to heal your whole party, you'd type runscript healplayer. Notice how that one doesn't take a value. More codes are shown below.
General Codes
Heals all your party members.
Adds the specified number of coppers. Note that 10,000 coppers = 1 gold.
Adds the specified number of experience points to you and all your companions.
Kills all the enemies on the screen.
injury remparty
Removes injuries from your entire party.
Type player to apply to you and gen00fl_ followed by the party member to apply elsewhere, will boost stats by 50 for strength and dexterity and give you or the party member 1,000 more HP.
You can't die.
First value equals an attribute (STR=1, DEX=2, MAG=3, CUN=4, WILL=5, CON=6) and the second is the amount you want to buff it for 180 seconds. Enter a negative value will lower it for 180s by that amount.
Changes you to the specified class and level. The first value is a class, warrior, mage or rogue. The second is a level.
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