Dragon Age 2 Quest Reference: Act 1 - Companion Quests - The Way It Should Be

Requirements: A Friend in the Guard

After you speak with Aveline and complete
A Friend in the Guard, she'll offer you information about a job. Accept the job to start the quest. First you'll need to travel with Aveline to the Sundermount Ambush Site. It'll be one attack after the other until you get to the end and face a large party of raiders. Be sure to loot all the bodies before leaving since this area of Sundermount is only available now.

Return with Aveline after the fight to hear how Captain Jeven is strangely not happy with the outcome. Another guard, Brennan, will lead Aveline to believe that another guard is going to be ambushed. Head to Lowtown at night with Aveline to stop it. Fight your way through the highwaymen and follow your map pointer to rescue Donnic, the guard. Be sure to get all the highwaymen's loot after you're done before leaving. Then head back to the Viscount's keep to see the captain go down. Aveline will be his replacement eventually.

If you don't finish this quest in Act 1, the Favor and Fault quest won't be available in Act 3.
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