Dragon Age 2 Quest Reference: Act 1 - Main Plot - Long Way Home

This quest is available from the Prelude, but you should wait till you have a few levels under your belt before tackling it. When you're ready, visit Sundermount to start. You'll be attached by Giant Spiders as soon as you get there. There are also some higher level shop keepers in the Dalish camp that are worth looking into if you have the gold. Be sure to find the Map of Occupied Kirkwall for a find and return quest. It's in a crate to the left of the Craftmaster.

Talk to the Keeper for the task and keep on up the mountain to find Merrill. Keep going and enter the cave. Before you leave the cave, look for a crate south of the exit to find The Seal of House Talwain, a quest item for another find and return type quest. After leaving the cave and fighting at the altar, keep going up the mount to fight more gaining XP and plenty of loot.

Merrill will piss off Anders, Carver, Fenris and Isabela, so save frequently in case you need to change your responses and not alienate your other companions.

When you've finished the quest, Merrill will be available as a party member. It also unlocks a few other quests, including Blackpowder Promise, Herbalist's Tasks, The Unbidden Rescue, Wayward Son and Welcome Home.
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