Dragon Age 2 Quest Reference: Act 1 - Secondary Quests - Loose Ends

Requirements: Birthright

You can get this quest by reading the Loose Ends letter at Gamlen's in the Writing Desk. The writer of the letter depends on who you signed up with in the Prelude: the smugglers or the mercenaries. There are two ways of doing it depending on who you worked for.

If you signed up as a Mercenary, go to The Hanged Man in Lowtown and talk to Meeran to get the quest. Then go to the Docks to find Gustav. You'll end up having to rescue him from the nobleman's guards. Talk to him after the battle. Gustav will leave and Lord Harriman shows up. Listen to him and decide if you want to kill him or not. If you kill him, you'll get paid and get a reward from Meeran, but you'll lose points with all your companions. If you let him go and tell Meeran you couldn't find him, you'll still get money for rescuing Gustav. Just don't tell Meeran you let him go, you won't get any more quests from him if you do this and he'll come back later to get revenge.

If you signed up as a Smuggler, go to Hightown and talk to Athenril in front of The Blooming Rose. Go to the Docks (day) and you'll see Pryce being chased by Coterie thugs. Kill them to rescue the boy. He'll tell you his story, and you then have the choice of giving him the goods to keep, or take them to Athenril. If you give him the goods, you can tell Athenril what you did or lie and tell him the thugs got the goods before you got there. The second option will give you better companion points and leave the door open for quests from the smugglers later. Taking the goods to Athenril will please everyone except Aveline.
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