Dragon Age 2 Quest Reference: Act 1 - Secondary Quests - Magistrate's Orders

Requirements: Birthright

You get this quest by speaking with Magistrate Vanard outside the Chanter's Board in Hightown. After you agree to get the criminal, travel to the Abandoned Ruins in Free Marches. After the first cutscene you can either make a choice to make justice yourself, or put the decision off. Enter the passage to start killing raiders and spiders. When you've killed the spider with a bunch of health in the first big battle, get its Silk Gland since this is related to the Herbalist's Tasks quest.

Be sure to get all the loot, but beware the chest in the northeast room, the trap in front of it will call a bunch of spiders. In the main hall you'll encounter spiders, corpses and an Arcane Horror. Don't kill the spiders too quickly since more enemies will come as soon as you do. Be sure to kill the Horror before all the spiders are dead. Be sure to loot everything after fighting both battles.

Shortly after meeting Lia, you'll find Kelder and have to decide what to do with him. If you try to spare him, he'll run away and you'll need to chase him down before returning to Magistrate Vanard, who will pay you for your trouble. Elren won't pay a thing in this event. If you kill him, Elren will reward you, while Magistrate Vanard will not be happy with you and won't pay a thing.
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