Dragon Age 2 Quest Reference: Act 1 - Secondary Quests - The Unbidden Rescue

Requirements: Long Way Home

You can pick this quest up in two ways. Either you can find one of the flyers around the city, the Hightown Square has one, or if you go towards Viscount Dumar's rooms in the Keep, you can overhear a conversation between Seneschal Bran and Ginnis that will lead the to the quest. Speak with Seneschal Bran to get the details on the missing son of the Viscount and start on the quest. Head towards the south of the Wounded Coast. If you haven't already done the
Blackpowder Promise quest, you'll probably get interrupted on the way. Just come back after you're done. 

You'll eventually find Seamus (the son) with Ginnis and the rest of the Winters party, but he refuses to go back with them. You'll end up fighting the Winters, be prepared and save beforehand because there are several waves to of them. Don't leave immediately after the fight ends, you need to loot the area. Be sure to find the Redblossom Salve before leaving, this will trigger the
Redblossom Special quest. 

Return to the Viscount with Seamus to finish the quest and get your reward. The best option when they start arguing is to say it's none of your business. All the other options will annoy one or more of your companions. This is one of the four quests that will unlock the
Nice Crime You Have Around Here quest.
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