Dragon Age 2 Quest Reference: Act 1 - Side Quests - Find and Return

*****Gold and XP Cheat below*****

You'll find the location and details for all the items in Act 1 that are find and return quests. Keep in mind that items found while on quests with quest specific areas, in other words areas only available during that quest, can only be collected while that area is available. After the quest is over and the area is no longer reachable, you won't be able to collect the item. Each of these quests gives you 250 XP and 50 silver. See the table below for specific items. For the unlimited XP and gold cheat, read the next paragraph.

*****Cheat Method*****
You can get unlimited XP and gold with most of these find and return quests using this cheat. This cheat only seems to work on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, but if you want to gain gold or XP in the PC version check out the
developer's console page. Basically you just need to get one of these items and head over to the person who's supposed to get the item. Pull out your weapon before you get to them, then head over to start the dialog. As soon as you start the dialog, hit the action button (the button you use to pull out your weapon or start conversations, it's "A" on the Xbox and "X" on the PS3) and keep pressing it. You'll keep getting the XP and gold each time you press the action button. The timing can be a bit difficult, so save just before trying it, if it doesn't work just give it another shot. Also be aware that enemies level with you, this means that considering the weapons available leveling up too far may actually make the game more difficult.
*****End of Cheat*****
Table Caption
Bottled Scar 5:34 Exalted
Viscount's Keep
  • You'll find this in the Viscount's Office (in the NW area of the keep) on a table.
  • Go to Lowtown and give it to the Elven Vintner.
Shawl of Dalesdottir
The Hanged Man
  • A good time to get this is during the A Business Discussion quest when you speak with Varric, head up to the second room on the right on the second floor, you'll find it in a chest.
  • Go to Hightown and deliver it to Mais Dalesdottir at The Blooming Rose. You can also start The Paragon's Toe (another find and deliver) here by finding the Stone Toe upstairs in the room on the far left.
The Remains of Sister Plinth
Darktown during the day
  • It's in the southeast section, you'll go there anyway during the Wayward Son quest, the remains are near Danzig.
  • Go to the Chantry in Hightown and give the remains to Brother Plinth. If you're there during the day get the Locks of the Golden Fool tome from the table to start another find and deliver quest.
The Paragon's Toe
The Blooming Rose
  • Find the Stone Toe in the room upstairs all the way on the left, the room Jethann is in for The First Sacrifice quest.
  • Deliver the toe to a dwarf named New Surfacer in the bazaar in Lowtown.
Locks of the Golden Fool
The Chantry
  • You can find this book during the day on a table in the northern part of the Chantry, next to a bed.
  • Head to Darktown to deliver it to an Elven Radicalist next to the west entrance to Darktown.
Remains of the Outlaw “Half-Braid” Silsam
Disused Passage in the Docks
  • You can only get here at night in the Docks. One entrance is in the northwest office you go to during the Finders Keepers quest, the other is in the west part of the Docks.
  • Head to the Dalish Camp in Sundermount to give the remains to Eb Silsam.
Map of Occupied Kirkwall
  • You'll find the map in a crate to the left of the craftmaster/shop keeper in the Dalish camp during the Long Way Home quest, or any time after it.
  • Go to the Gallows Courtyard and take it to Record Keeper Teryn, he's near Solivitus from the Herbalist's Tasks.
The Seal of House Talwain
Sundermount Caverns
  • You'll find it in the caverns during the Long Way Home quest, it's in a crate south of the exit.
  • Head to the Market in Hightown and give it to Sareth Talwain.
Caste Treatise and House Accounting
  • This area is only available at the beginning of the Blackpowder Promise quest when you first meet Jarvis. The Caste Treatise and House Accounting document is on a corpse, uphill in the right path from where you came in.
  • Go to the Merchant Guild square in Hightown and deliver it to the dwarf Traditionalist Envoy.
Remains of the Outlaw "Bearded Beast"
  • You'll find "Bearded Beast" Arintal's remains south of the entrance to the mine, next to some wooden planks. See the next quest, Eustice's Pommel, for the loot in the mine.
  • Go to the Docks and return them to Arintal the Lesser.
Eustice's Pommel
  • You'll find Eustice's Pommel in a sack on the top level once you get into The Bone Pit mine.
  • Go to the barracks in the Viscount's Keep and deliver the pommel to Guardsman Eustice.
Redblossom Special
The Wounded Coast
  • Find the Redblossom Save in a red crate in the south part of The Wounded Coast. You'll be in the area fighting the Winters during The Unbidden Rescue if you haven't gotten it before then. Just collect it after the fight before returning to the Viscount.
  • Go to Darktown and deliver it to Dalian Shaw to complete the quest.
Grimoire of the Apprentice
The Sanctuary
  • You'll find this book towards the end of the Enemies Among Us quest. Find it a little before the exit, but past Keran. This area is only available during that quest.
  • Take the book to the bazaar in Lowtown and give it to Bonwald.
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