Dragon Age 2 Quest Reference: Act 1 - Side Quests - The Conspirators

Requirements: Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Import

If you used a save file from DA Origins where you where in the Silver Order and saved Vigil's Keep or used the "No Compromises" back story, then this quest is available. Find and talk to Sergeant Joanna near The Hanged Man. She'll give you the task of killing the Amaranthine conspirators. Since the only requirement is going to be fulfilled right at the start of the game and your targets are spread out, feel free to get this one early and complete it as you go along.

You'll find the conspirators in the following locations:

  • Hightown (daytime)
  • The Blooming Rose (Red Lantern District - also in Hightown)
  • SE side of the Docks by the Disused Passage at night (You'll be there for the Finders Keepers quest)
  • Sundermount - west side
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