Dragon Age 2 Quest Reference: Prelude

The prelude is basically where you get your feet wet and learn the ropes of the game, along with the controls for your platform. Don't be fooled, at first it will be very easy, but it'll get harder very quickly. The key is to not let your character be surrounded, and save often!

In the prelude you'll decide what class you want to be. This will affect whether Bethany or Carver dies after the destruction of Lothering. If you become a Mage, Bethany will die, otherwise Carver dies.

When you first reach the city you'll get a chance to work for either the smugglers or mercenaries to get in. Though it might seem like a small choice, it will affect the rest of the game. The Loose Ends quest is directly affected by this choice. People will also comment on it during the course of the game.

If you decide to betray Meeran the mercenary he'll come back later for revenge. Don't accept the bribe unless you don't plan to go the mercenary route.
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