Dragon Age 2 Text Walkthrough: Prelude

Video walkthrough for this section is here.

At the start of the game choose your male or female warrior, mage or rogue. Immediately after that you'll start a battle that serves as a tutorial of the game's combat controls. Just keep killing enemies as the come until the ogre appears. The secret to the ogre is to dodge out of the way when he lifts his fists up to hit.

A cutscene comes up after the battle with the ogre, then you get to customize your character a bit. Go ahead and loot the corpse nearby and then follow the minimap to your next battle.

You'll get a chance to level up at this point, for warriors put more points in strength and constitution, magic and willpower for mages and dexterity and cunning for rogues. You can also use the "auto-level" to let the game decide for you, while that might be the safe choice it's less interesting gameplay wise. There's a bow in one of the nearby bodies if you're playing a Rogue Archer.

Keep looting all the corpses you come across as you continue following the minimap. After your next battle you're joined by two more warriors, one of which will help in the next battle. Continue along the path after the cutscene. When you get to the archers, you'll need to keep going and go to the left and back to actually get to them. After the final battle you'll go to Kirkwall following a cutscene.

At Kirkwall you'll find out that no one is getting into the city. After a quick conversation with the guard, a crowd will decide to attack, the guards will help defeat them. The Captain of the guard will be grateful and help find your uncle.

He'll tell you there are two ways to get into the city. You can either help the smugglers or mercenaries. You'll get a one year debt getting into the city with either of them. If you decide to go with the smugglers, you'll need to collect a payment from a merchant in the northern part of the area. The mercenaries will want you to kill a group of soldiers to prove yourself.

Pick one of the options and complete the task to finish this section and claim your reward. This will lead to a cutscene before Act 1.
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