Oblivion is the fourth in the Elder Scrolls series of games. If you’re familiar with Oblivion feel free to skip down to the information you’re interested. Oblivion is a role playing game set in Cyrodiil, a province of Tamriel.

Unlike traditional RPGs, Oblivion doesn’t require that you follow the quest from point to point. It incorporates what’s called and open-ended gameplay system. Basically this means your character is free to go out and explore the world, find quests, and dungeon crawl. A quest journal is there to help you keep track of all the quests you’re on, and give you as much or little help as you want. Aside from awesome graphics, this means you have an entire world to explore with your character.

Oblivion lets you see in first or third person modes. In simple terms, this means you can zoom out and see your character fighting, casting spells, etc., or zoom in to first person and feel like you’re the one wielding the sword. If you’ve never seen Oblivion before, take a look at the screenshots below for an idea of how the game looks. Although the Oblivion world is quite large, you can expand it further with the Shivering Isles expansion. Although my guides will cover both, I’ll note at the top of the page if the information applies to one or both.

Oblivion brings major improvements over Morrowind, The Elders Scroll III. For one thing, the game is balanced enough to make it easy to play in more character modes. The Magic system is balanced and allows you to play as a pure mage, or add magic to a fighter or thief. Oblivion balances your enemies and challenges based on character level and difficulty settings which you can control. This makes for a very customizable game and excellent replay value.

Finally, you can’t forget Oblivion’s mod system. Use mods to expand, modify or enhance the game however you like. Simple mods might add a new weapon or class, but a complex mod can add entire areas, races, factions or quests. I’ll be adding a list of some of my favorite mods and sites where you can find more mods.

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