Oblivion Video Walkthrough: Main Quest - Prison and Sewers

This sequence of videos shows the game progress as you escape from the prison and go through the sewers. Escaping the prison and the sewer trek is not really meant to be difficult. It's more of an introduction to the game features and helps you learn the controls for your specific Oblivion platform. Oblivion manages to make this process more interesting than many RPG games.

Since the difficulty level is pretty low, this is a good place to experiment and see what type of character you want to play. Sneaking, magic and swordplay all work equally well to get out of the prison and sewers. Towards the end you'll get a chance to select your character's class. Don't pay too much attention to the class suggested by Baurus. Especially if you've experimented with different abilities, chances are excellent that his guess will be way off. Just pick a class that suits what you want to play, or create your own.

Don't worry if you change your mind about something, you'll get a chance to change anything and everything just before exiting the sewers. If you've already accumulated experience in a skill, don't worry about losing it by making changes. The changes you make to skills, race, etc., won't affect experience you've built up by fighting, sneaking and casting spells in the sewers. The game will only change the bonuses as needed based on your changes.
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