Oblivion Power Leveling Guide: Alchemy Books

Attribute: Intelligence

There are five alchemy books available out there. Only one of them, Calcinator Treatise, is available in random loot (enemies, chests, etc.).

Calcinator Treatise: Find this book under Lithnilian's bed in the Imperial Bridge Inn. The inn is located across the river east and slightly north of Bravil. Lithnilian offers a quest if you're interested, with a reward of leveled potions. It's also available in random loot

De Rerum Dirennis: Find this book in the All Things Alchemical store in Skingrad, it's on the second floor.

A Game at Dinner: Find this book in the Chorrol Mages Guild on the main level.

Mannimarco, King of Worms: This book can only be found in the Mystic Archives of the Arcane University in the Imperial City. It's in a display case on the first floor.

Song of the Alchemists: Find this book in the Lustratorium in the Arcane University of the Imperial City. It's in a bookshelf on the west wall.
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